Wyndlair Double Merle Collie Kennel Closes


Wyndlair Kennels has closed down.  They’re the outfit that intentionally bred Merle to Merle in order to create a double merle stud dog named Wyndlair Avalanche “Aidan” that would always pass along that color to his offspring, and in so doing knowingly risked and achieved a profoundly disabled blind and deaf double merle dog who was widely used in AKC Rough Collies.

Their “Collies for Sale” page has been replaced with this message:

Unfortunately, we are not currently breeding any litters. We have relocated for a new job opportunity and have placed most of our dogs in new homes.

If this is the first time you’re joining us for the Wyndlair Avalanche saga, you can educate yourself about the dangers of breeding Merle to Merle and the unethical intentional breeding of such to create a stud dog who always creates Merle puppies.

Hopefully this is the end of the Wyndlair saga and no one need ever again breed Merle to Merle or be rewarded for doing so.  I’ll close this chapter with two ironic quotes that Wyndlair Kennels posted to their public Facebook page:

A “Judas Kiss” is when you portray an act of love but you are really betraying your ethics, morals, and relationship to the object of your love for gain.  Judas sold out Christ for 30 pieces of silver and his kiss was a sign to those who then captured, tortured, and crucified Christ.

What better metaphor for what Wyndlair Kennels did to Aidan.  They knew the risk they were taking and what gain they wanted out of it: simply a lazy means to produce a few more Merle puppies per litter.  And when Aidan was the only puppy born from their unethical and disastrous breeding plans, they didn’t learn the lesson, they used this dog to father dozens of offspring.  They not only inflicted blindness and deafness on Aidan, they then exploited his malgenics for their gain.  Any breeder should love their dogs and never betray their ethics, morals, or trust with those dogs for gain.  But Wyndlair Kennels betrayed that trust and they cashed in for their silver bowls and nylon ribbons.  Such trinkets can not restore function to Aidan, however and that is that poor dog’s cross to bear until his death.
By what standard can anyone claim the Wyndlair Kennel was acting on behalf of by creating a profoundly disabled dog and then using him as a puppy machine?  What standard says that intentionally inflicted blindness and deafness is what is desired in collies.  Let alone that this state of inability and suffering is some “initial form.”  For that matter, can anyone on the planet find even one representation of an historical working Collie from Scotland that looks anything like the dogs Wyndlair produced?

I don’t think any Scottish shepherds would demand their dogs be blind and deaf, covered with excess hair and unable to enjoy the most basic pleasures in life let alone endure the work of a hill shepherd.

It’s cold comfort to hug a silver bowl and nylon ribbons will never warm your feet.  Too bad Wyndlair Kennel didn’t realize that the health and well being of their dogs was more important than chasing after awards of silver and nylon.  At least now the callous and unethical breeding schemes have ceased.  May they remain a painful memory and not simply a temporary hiatus.

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