No Repeat for Qualzucht Collie

Wyndlair Cherokee Vindication winning BOB Rough Collie and Group 3rd at the 2012 Eukanuba Championship.

Wyndlair Cherokee Vindication winning BOB Rough Collie and Group 3rd at the 2012 Eukanuba Championship.

After reigning over 2011 as the top Rough Collie in the USA, GCH CH Wyndlair Cherokee Vindication was awarded Best of Breed at last year’s Westminster Dog Show, which I documented in my most widely read post, Westminster Rewards Cruelty.

“Vinnie” is the son of a blind and deaf purposely bred double merle stud, Wyndlair Avalanche.  Both of Avalanche’s parents are obvious and documented merle dogs and his breeders knew the risks of creating a double merle before he was bred.  Now, they deny he has any loss of hearing or sight, although this has been confirmed by several other breeders.  Intentionally breeding two merle dogs together is the definition of “qualzucht” which is German for torture breeding: the inhumane infliction of pain, suffering, and dysfunction on an animal by virtue of its breeding.

Even after hundreds of thousands of people viewed my article, Vinnie continued his dominance of the show ring in 2012 and was once again the top winning Rough Collie in the country and the favorite to win Best of Breed during tonight’s Westminster show.


But he was unexpectedly pulled from the competition after securing his invitation and registering.  Vinnie didn’t show up, was marked Absent, and the award went do another dog that is thankfully not the product of close inbreeding (like Avalanche) and who was not the product of qualzucht.

So congratulations to GCH CH Devinwood A Perfect Stranger aka “Finn” the #2 Rough Collie in the country this year.  At least your father wasn’t intentionally blinded and deafened by cruel and inhumane breeding practices that were entirely unnecessary.

People who intentionally breed dogs like Avalanche and then campaign and profit off of their offspring, like Vinnie, are not only soulless archfiends, they are an embarrassment and liability to the sport of dogs.  While it’s nice that Vinnie is being retired, it’d be even better if unnecessary torture breeding were retired with him and never rewarded in the ring again.

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