Double Merle Progeny at Westminster

There are 5 Rough Collies invited to compete at the 2012 Westminster Dog show. Those dogs are:

CH Colebrae After Midnight
GCH CH Clarion Ribbon In The Sky
GCH CH Sylvan Argent It’s All About Me
GCH CH Taliesin Fashion Forward
GCH CH Wyndlair Cherokee Vindication

The final dog and bitch are also the top two Rough Collies of 2011:

2011 TOP 10 Collies (Rough)



 Dog Name
Owner and Breeder




GCH CH Wyndlair Cherokee Vindication (M)
Owner: R Beals/L Rizzo/M Stelter/A Stelter
     Breeder: M Stelter/A Stelter/J Morris
3 10




GCH CH Taliesin Fashion Forward (F)
Owner: J Rutkas/M Rutkas
     Breeder: S Cheatham
0 9



Besides their stellar show careers, these two dogs share the same matador sire, Wyndlair Avalanche, the blind and deaf intentionally bred double merle stud dog.

Wyndlair Cherokee Vindication, son of the shamefully bred Wyndlair Avalanche.

Vinnie’s pedigree:

Taliesin Fashion Forward, daughter of the intentional double merle Wyndlair Avalanche.

Fury’s pedigree:

Both of these dogs are highly inbred with shallow COIs approaching 20%.  You’ll also notice that both dogs are completely inbred on the same dog at the great grandfather level, the popular sire Southland’s Bowen Island.  In both dogs’ pedigrees, Bowen is the only great grandfather.  This isn’t as obvious on a text pedigree, but on a visual one, there is a great degree of pedigree collapse.

Normal dogs have four great grandfathers, not just one.  Vinnie has only half the number of great grandparents that one would expect because he’s also inbred on Twin City In Living Color.

What do you think the odds are of these two dogs being brought together to produce the next hot stud dog?  Both are merle, both are inbred, and they are highly related to each other…. that’s apparently an excellent formula for success in Rough Collies.  Be sure to catch the spectacle at Westminster on Monday knowing exactly the sorts of ethical choices were made to create these dogs.  It’s not as pretty and majestic when you peek behind the curtain now is it?

Update: Vinnie took Best of Breed and will be competing in the Group.

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