A Little Frisbee After the Rain

Mercury and Dublin wait for the Frisbee

A monsoon swept across the state yesterday which lead to predictable mudslides in all the areas that burned earlier this summer. Never a dull moment in Colorado.  We got more noise than trouble in our part of town so the dogs were very excited to burn some of their anxious energy at the park after the storm passed.


There was only one small puddle in the ditch around the field but of course the dogs found it when it was time to go home.


This of course necessitated baths for all the dogs once I got home and sprayed these two off (the girls decided to get in on the fun and then found a nice patch of dirt in the yard to dry off in.  The dogs have been not-so-subtly lobbying for another pool, but after the last ones broke over the winter none of the stores here had any this year after the first week of the summer heat.  Two months and I still can’t find one.  The dogs have taken to getting in the bathtub when I’m not looking, they hop out thinking I’m going to bathe them when I get near.  I’d leave a little water in there for them to cool off in if they didn’t decide that my pillows are the best place to dry off.

Post-storm Colorado sunset. Looking East.

After the storm rolled through it left a great cloud formation for a typically amazing Colorado sunset.

After the storm sunset, looking West.

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