Finding Common Ground

I was looking for a good Venn Diagram Generator for an upcoming post on disease and found this little time waster that uses the same Google Fu as my Why Do Dogs __ ? post, but this time overlaps the results of multiple queries.

Jack Russell Terriers are "hard to train" because they are not "so smart" nor "good pets."

I find it fascinating what the general public’s perception is of these three breeds.  No one wonders about Jack Russell Terrier intelligence, or their suitability as pets.  Border Collie popularity is not up for debate, and few question why Goldens are bred.

I think the unique queries of each breed are also illustrative to each’s strengths and weaknesses: Goldens are lovable but have cancer, Jack Russells are bullheaded, and Border Collies are smart but can be protective.

I changed the query a little bit and got some more interesting results:

Jack Russell Terriers are aggressive, but not awesome, or the smartest dog.

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