Dirty Dog is Happy Dog

It’s hard to tell what Mercury enjoyed more today, chasing the sheep and goats around the pen or wallowing in the wading pool and then taking a dust bath afterward. I keep a wading pool in the back yard for them in the summer, but it hasn’t been warm enough long enough to break it out this year. That didn’t stop Mercury from finding the one at Cathy’s farm and making up for lost opportunity.

He knows what's coming, but he's still pleased with his version of a bath.

He wasn’t horribly dirty for the car ride home but I mistakenly figured that it’d be easier to just fill the wading pool and let him wash off some of the dirt before coming in the house. This was not a good plan. While filling the pool a fight with the water monster ensued and got Mercury wet all over, not just on his underside. Then, a short soak while I turned off the water and then a sprint off into the dark yard. He knew exactly which grassless dirt hole he wanted and in the short time it took me to walk to the door and call them in, he transformed himself and appeared at the door utterly pleased that he was now a brown dog.

Bathing is torture, drying is humiliation, so thinks Mercury

He was not as pleased after his bath. Apparently cleanliness is not next to dogliness.

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