The Easter EGGEs

The Easter EGGEs, originally uploaded by AstraeanBorderCollies.

In these tough times, it’s hard to keep up with the supposedly recession proof (read: you’re still going to spend a fortune, broke or not) pet toy industry. But I have a great tip for the best 5 cents you’ll ever spend on a dog toy.

A few years ago I picked up an EGGE at a local dog show for $30, and it’s proven to be a great investment. It’s lasted longer than almost all the dogs’ other toys and they are so obsessed with it, I have to put it away when they’re done playing.


You can find the EGGE online selling for $20 now (plus shipping) and if your dogs like it as much as mine, that’s probably worth it. But why spend $30 if it turns out your dog couldn’t care less?

Solution: Visit Hobby Lobby right after Easter. They sell a plastic lawn ornament that is a near-perfect substitute for the real EGGE. They sell for a couple bucks before Easter, but the price quickly drops to nothing after the holiday is over.

Last year, my Mom bought an entire Jeep full of the things for $2 and we gave them out to all our Border Collie friends. Last year’s model had an embossed Bunny on it that is actually the perfect place for the dogs to dig their teeth into the toy, which makes them rather worthless since the dogs can pick it up instead of herding it around the yard, but this year the hobby eggs have no embossed figures.

The thinner plastic of the cheapo eggs means that they aren’t going to last as long as the $20+ model, but at a fraction of the price, they are well worth picking up to share the Easter spirit with your dogs.

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