Breed My Bitch, Please.

Bonnie with the ball on the frosted lawn

I just got a comment on a year old post that is a lesson in poor breeding practices in only 17 words:

Im looking for a breader for my border collie. she is in heat know can u help?

– Jeanie 1/13/2009

I have a link to e-mail me at the bottom of every post and clearly on the right margin. You think someone who wanted a serious and quick answer would be able to figure that out. If you dug just a little deeper, you’d be able to find my breeder website with a phone number right on the front page.

But I guess you’d also think that someone planning to breed their dog would also be able to spell simple words like “I’m” and “breeder” and “now.” And don’t get me started on text speak “u.”

So who is this mysterious Jeanie who didn’t even leave contact information for me to be able to respond except by posting another comment to a year old post?

Well, cross referencing the IP address from her comment (Arlington, VA) with the IP address in my search logs, Jeanie arrived to this blog by searching yahoo (who the hell uses yahoo search?) for “boarder collie breeders in westminster.” Misspelling your own dog’s breed name doesn’t instill any more confidence.

This isn’t the first booty-call I have gotten on behalf of my Dublin, but the other would be suitresses had owners who had a command over the English language, had researched my dogs and who were planning their litters with enough lead time to meet me and my dogs and for me to meet them and evaluate their dogs and pedigrees.

They also had better reasons to breed than “OMFG, she’s bleeding now!”

I gave Jeanie 20 reasons why she shouldn’t breed now, and perhaps ever, but somehow I doubt any one of them will be enough to dissuade an unprepared owner who seems more hot to trot than her ovulating bitch.

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