Jiffy the Frozen Pupsicle

What do you get when you mix one idiot owner, an extremely obese Border Collie, and a night outside in freezing temperatures? A pupsicle, of course.

This is a pretty disgusting bit of dog neglect where amazingly enough, two wrongs made a right. Above is Jiffy, a 150 pound eleven year old Border Collie who was left outside overnight last week in Wisconsin in below zero weather. Poor Jiffy actually froze to the sidewalk and had to be removed the next day with buckets of warm water.

His thick wall of blubber probably saved his life, although pathologically overfeeding your dog and then leaving him outside to freeze to the sidewalk is simply demonic on multiple levels.

Thankfully his idiot owner was arrested and hopefully Jiffy will find a warm and caring home where he can lose some weight and sleep inside and the woman who did this to him will never be allowed to own a pet again.

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