War Kitten, Armed and Ballistic

And now for an important message from the galactic empire:


I love the concept of “war kittens.” I mean, just sit and think about it for a while. W-a-r K-i-t-t-e-n-s. Ahhhhh.

And on this middle of the week Wednesday, the hump day, the I don’t want to get any work done day, what could be more fun than thinking about armed and ballistic kittens? Well, getting to be one, of course. You aren’t going to get any work done after you play this awesome and addicting war kitten flash game:

Yes, that’s right, you are the deadly ballistic kitten, armed with (and tied to) your Rambo bow of death, unleashed on a gravity challenged 18 hole golf course. Loose your arrow and watch as the kitteh is flung across the screen in tow. Cat lovers will relish the notion of a well armed cat militia, and us cat haters can glory in the quasi-mock-torture of watching a cat being flung around the screen behind a speeding arrow.

I dare you to beat my all time best score of -50.

Some tips:
– Many holes can be cleared with a hole-in-one with a little practice.
– A fired arrow doesn’t have to land before you can fire another one. You can propel yourself all the way across the screen with nothing but arrows and air.
– Pulling back a second arrow while flying slows the cat down, defying gravity and allowing you to aim carefully for the next shot.
– If you overshoot the target, immediately draw the bow again to slow you down and prevent you from falling off the edge.
– You can lodge an arrow in to the very top or side of the arena, even if there isn’t ground there.
– I’ve gotten a -7 on the final hole, a Par 9. You can go over the top of the mountain even though it goes above the upper boundary of the field. Fire one arrow up at an angle with full power, it will lodge in the moving red block. Let your kitteh fly past the boundary and the block will disappear. Quickly draw the bow and fire again with enough angle to get you over the hill but not too much power that you’ll overshoot the landing. If you’re lucky, you’ll hit the target. If not, you still get a -6.

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