Dumb Friends?

Back in the day, dumb meant you were unable to speak. Now, it seems like you can’t get the dumbest among us to shut up.

As I’ve said before, the fact that our animal companions can not speak for themselves has lead to many wack-jobs who have made it their crusade to speak for them (but strangely not always in the pets’ best interest). Well, our dumb–but not stupid–pets have finally been given voice by the clever photomanipulation skills of the folks at PQ DVD.

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Even cooler, if you fellow bloggers post about it before Chritmas, they’ll send you the software to do it yourself for free.

So join the meme and let your dogs talk. Send a customized X-mas greeting, tell PeTA to go shove it, or invite your favorite sheeple to an agility tournament. Whatever your pooch is trying to say, this PQ Talking Photo software can make it a reality.

Cool beans.

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