Bad Week for Pit Bulls

This post is rated R for mature and violent content featuring gruesome photos and video of dog fighting and its results. If you are not in the mood for such material, please mark this as read and enjoy the rest of your day.  If you’d like a reminder of the world we live in that’s sure to ruin your morning, then read on.


Yesterday a review copy of Simon Hardy’s new book Unleashed: The phenomena of status dogs and weapon dogs landed in my mailbox and it looks to be a unique work on the subject (covering both UK and US pit bull landrace culture) especially for tackling the dogs and their owners in terms of criminology and sociology instead of the suburban dog-mommy perspective on “saved” and “rescued” and “misunderstood” pit bulls that’s all too common in the dog blog sphere.  Reviews on Amazon suggest I’ll be disappointed and that the author reverts to the same old cliches about “only the mixed bred ones are bad” and “they’re nanny dogs!” nonsense.  This is a bit surprising because the title, testimonials, and introduction seem to be focused on the topics most pibble-mommies don’t want to talk about: the image and use of these dogs as vicious killers by criminal thugs.  We’ll see.


The week didn’t start well for pit bulls with news from Warrington, England that what appears to be a pet Staffordshire or Pit Bull Terrier ripped the head off of a Pomeranian named Elvis that was in its own yard behind a fence.  The story went viral when the decapitated dog’s owner Gemma Antell posted a photo of the pit bull’s owner, who was smeared with the poor Pom’s blood, wrangling her pit bull away and fleeing the scene.  The dog has since been confiscated.


A dog that ripped the head off another dog has been seized by police in Warrington.

Images of the attack, which took place on Saturday, show a woman and the dog believed to be responsible walking from the scene covered in blood. A Pomeranian dog named Elvis died as a result of the horrific attack.

The photographs were widely shared by outraged social media users, with numerous calls for the police to find the offending dog and its owner.

Today Cheshire Police confirmed that they have seized the dog, and are now examining it to determine its breed.

Chief Inspector Darren Hebden said: “This was a horrendous attack and was clearly very distressing for the owners to witness.

“I am aware of pictures that have been circulated on social media which will undoubtedly cause concern for the community but can I reassure people that we have now seized the offending dog so there is no risk to the general public.

“We will be speaking to the owners in due course and will do all we can to deal with the incident appropriately within the guidelines of the law.”

Extra patrols will be in the area to talk to concerned residents and address any issues in the area.

The dead dog’s owner Gemma Antell told local newspaper The Warrington Guardian that her three children are distraught following the incident.

Ms Antell, whose mother-in-law was looking after the pet at the time, described how the other dog burst through the garden gate, snatched Elvis in its jaws and ripped his head off, adding: “It was like something out of a horror film, like it’s not actually happened”.

She went on: “My children are distraught. It is the first thing they have had to lose and it’s completely changed the way they see dogs as they are now terrified, which is very sad… At least it wasn’t a child, but he was our loved family pet.”

Elvis, who had lost most of his teeth to a common condition in Pomeranians, was no threat to anyone.

Elvis, who had lost most of his teeth to a common condition in Pomeranians, was no threat to anyone.

So the question that must be asked is does the lady in the flats dragging her pit bull away on a chain leash look like a vicious dog fighter to you? Do you think she trained that dog to act that way? Is this a flash back from bait dog training to harden that pit bull up for fighting in the ring against another bully breed for sport and money and entertainment? Or is this a dog that despite a white-wash renaming and empty words paid to how it was raised that had a long-standing genetic predisposition (and ample physical ability) to attack and maim, especially other dogs?

Gemma’s children were in that same garden. Would you trust this dog around them? Do you really think it has a magic off-switch that allows it to detect the Pomeranian as a Foe and the toddlers that were just a few feet away as Friends? Pit Bull apologists make these astounding claims, but they never produce the astounding evidence that supports them. “They might be dog aggressive, but they’ve been bred not to harm humans!”  Yeah, just like German Shepherds have been bred to have powerful rear ends.

Of course, this doesn’t stop apologists, including the victim here, from saying anything possible to not actually name the causative agent of the attack: the pit bull did it, it was bred to do it, and hundreds of generations of its ancestors were bred to do it.

If it was capable of doing that to another dog then you would have to be afraid for what it could potentially do to a child’s arm, or worse,” said Antell.

The incident happened outside the home of her mother-in-law on Saturday when the larger dog was said to have pulled its owner into the front garden of the house and attacked the other animal. Several young children were present at the time and the photograph was taken by the father of a four-year-old girl.

Antell added: “It was all the more shocking due to the fact that the woman who had the dog, and a man who was with her, just walked away.

“The dog just spat out the head of Elvis on the street.”

“I don’t believe that there are bad breeds. Dogs do things because of the way their owners treat them, but this dog really needs to be located,” added Antell, a blogger who has worked with dogs and cats at a kennels company.

I do believe there are stupid people and no amount of treatment can cure them of idiocy. There is sadly no shortage of pit bull apologists who become victims of their own dogs or others.  More on that later.

So speaking of bait dogs, my local google news feed often sends me stories of similarly named cities in other states, and it did so this week regarding the grusome discovery of a bait-dog training or sale scene from Lakewood, CA which is a suburb of Long Beach.  These series of photos show the aftermath of a pet dog that was likely found stray due to the 4th of July, stolen, or adopted for free and used to train a pit bull breed to fight longer and harder in the ring when money and pride were at stake. When such fighting dogs are sold their gameness is often demonstrated by killing a bait animal such as another dog or cat (to demonstrate “skill” and “gameness” but not present a real threat which could damage the merchandise).



You can see that a trail of bloody footprints leads up the dock where this poor victim had obviously escaped its execution in another area of the alley or adjoining yard. The pit bull and its owner caught up with the dog though and the pooling of blood and frantic bloody paw marks show that it cowered in the corner as it was eviscerated, fled to the other corner where it tried desperately to climb up out of the way of harm, and was finally dispatched and pried from the jaws of the pit bull using the break stick which was left at the scene.

The odds of justice in this killing are slim to none. Police departments don’t spend tens of thousands of dollars to investigate misdemeanor crimes of property that’s valued (but certainly not worth so little) in the hundreds of dollars.

When they aren’t found or stolen, bait dogs are often picked up as “free to a good home” from sites like Craigslist, where I’ll note that I can’t advertise my well bred, well raised, and high priced puppies but drug whores can sell their bodies and blood sport devils can buy and sell breeding, fighting, and bait stock.

Juan Castillo Perez lets his pit bulls kill cats for fun and profit.

Juan Castillo Perez lets his pit bulls kill cats for fun and profit.

This culture of slacktivism infected reddit/Facebook last night where a small viral campaign to “report the page to facebook!” was started to get photos of a man training his bully breeds using cats offended the sensibilities of the internet do-gooder police.

Instead of capturing the images and video and alerting authorities (the slim but only shot at any justice being seen here), the person who discovered this common but no less disgusting display of cruelty on Facebook decided that telling on mommy, much like the active busy-bodies on Craigslist, was the best strategy. Now the images and video are gone and the account blocked and it’s unlikely that any authority will ever see the evidence.

Luckily I used a technique which temporarily allowed me to access the mobile version of the page before that server was refreshed and blocked to retrieve the video and a few of the images posted by this disgusting fool, Juan Castillo Perez from San Martin Texmelucan de Labastida, Puebla, Mexico.

This first video shows Juan using a cat to goad a fighting dog into attack. While it is violent there is no death.

Pit Bull baiting with a cat. Violent, but no death.

Pit Bull baiting with a cat. Violent, but no death.

video: bully_breed_assaults_cat_dog-fighting-baiting_no-death

This next video, things escalate with a more game dog. The dog kills the cat and Juan continues to use the carcass as a lure to reinforce the violent behavior.

Pit Bull baiting with a cat. Violent, dog kills cat.

Pit Bull baiting with a cat. Violent, dog kills cat.

video: bully_breed_attacks_and_kills_cat_used_for_practice_death

In this last video an already deceased cat is used as a tug toy with a third bully breed.

Pit Bull baiting with cat. Violent, the cat is already dead.

Pit Bull baiting with cat.
Violent, the cat is already dead.

video: bully_breed_assaults_and_kills_cat_used_for_dogfight_training_death

Perez posted photos of his bully breed dogs, pictures of himself posing in his underwear, and with sunglasses on, with fancy cars he saw in the street, and left daily comments on the cats he let his dogs slaughter with their teeth.  Last night at 7 pm the message was “destrosando un gatito.”  Tore apart a kitten. The comment on the above video where the dog kills the cat was “pobre gatito.” Poor kitty.  In what is just a little bit ironic considering my recent posts here, Perez asks comically if the mascot of his fighting venture is his friend Marcos or a Dalmatian puppy.

Hopefully local authorities will intervene.

It’s important to remember that this is the reality of pit bull culture. While it’s a false comfort to pretend that this is a rare, foreign, or distant culture: there is no zipcode in America that is free from this trash.  This is happening in nice neighborhoods by all sorts of wayward youth who view the bully landrace as empowering, status symbols, and a source of entertainment.  They aren’t scared or in any way ashamed of this behavior either.  The point is to show it off, share it with the world, and gain whatever sort of notoriety they can from it.

I don’t enjoy learning about or sharing these sorts of stories, but I see too many people on crusades to clean up the bully breeds’ image and not clean up the culture itself or even be honest with what is going on.  This breed doesn’t need a make-over.  Dog fighting  needs to go extinct and with it game dogs that are bred to fight.

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