DogTime’s Slobbering Hatred for Breeders III

Leslie Smith loves Pit Bulls, but would see all dog breeds go extinct and deny the rest of us our love of our dogs, for her radical idiocy.

Leslie Smith loves Pit Bulls, but would see all dog breeds go extinct and deny the rest of us our love of our dogs, for her radical idiocy.

To recap the series so far, we have my rebuttal to DogTime’s EIC Leslie Smith trashing No-Kill, attacking breeders for both making money selling dogs and filling shelters, and an apologia for shitty kill shelters.   Here I’ll analyze more of the chunky bits in the emesis bag that is Leslie Smith’s argument against Breeders.

Even responsible breeders who genuinely love and want the best for their animals you ask? I know this statement will raise some hackles, but it needs to be said: There are no responsible breeders. At least not now, while our shelters are full and perfectly adoptable animals are dying (some of which came from breeders).

This is a horrible perversion of any system of ethics and morality. I hope Leslie is just stupid or lying because if she means what she has written she is a monster.

First we have the morality of breeders being determined by the actions of others. Punish the innocent, free the guilty.  This is radically perverse and echoes the irrational, jealous, and vengeful God of the Old Testament, or any number of megalomaniacal arch-fiends throughout history: pick a scapegoat and exterminate them.  A good old witch hunt.  It is psychological displacement, Freudian transference: the direction of anxiety from a causal agent on to a remote agent.

This theory of justice is not rehabilitative in the humanist tradition, it is not a deterrence in the utilitarian, it is not retributionist as per the deontological imperative, and it doesn’t incapacitate the criminal from recidivism.  In many ways it parallels the concept of a blood sacrifice for vicarious atonement.  Burn the innocent breeders on the altar to cleanse the sins of those who abandon and needlessly slaughter animals.  Full circle.

When you combine her argument that all breeders are immoral and no shelter can be, it is a disgusting display of callous hatred and infinite self absolution.

It doesn’t matter that you’ve grown up with Collies or that a German Shepherd once saved your life. I don’t care what breed you love above all others. Your passion for wanting to see that breed proliferate is irrelevant when it comes to the welfare of a single animal.

I’m having trouble thinking of any moral theory which so blatantly and unequivocally supports the sacrifice of the many for the needs of the few, or the one.  It’s ethical slavery.  It’s a culture of death.  It’s a god-complex.  Notice the egoistic language: “I don’t care what breed you love.  “Your passion…is irrelevant.”  This isn’t someone exerting power over their own decisions, this is someone who is supporting a totalitarian edict to control the actions of everyone.

This is not rational self interest. This is authoritarian despotism.  It permits no concept of self agency, of freedom, of the individual living by their own values and efforts.  It views the world as parasites and victims and the God Leslie at the top to set it all right.  There is no justice, no good will among men, no coexistence without violence or coercion.

Breeding is a hobby for humans. It’s morally intolerable to value the worth of a breed over the worth of an individual. No exceptions.

I can think of no greater perversion, no greater evil than the extreme altruism being shown here, it is the antithesis of morality.  To surrender the greater value for the sake of the lesser value.  To force the masses to betray their own values and burn them on Leslie’s altar of one sad dog.  Who the hell does she think she is, the Great Emperor Leslie who would slaughter every dog and every breed to anoint her own tomb?

She believes that it is morally intolerable to value the worth of the many over the worth of the individual.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  We should file Leslie Smith right next to the great sadistic egoists of history who would and to all their ability tried, to murder the masses for their own behalf.  Smith is a misanthrope and a hypocrite. No one can live this moral code as it necessitates the mass extinction of all other values.  That she is alive while one other person in the world starves makes her a hypocrite of the grandest sort based on her own twisted views.

And what is the fuel that fires these parasitic and toxic views?  Would anyone who reads this blog be surprised that it’s PIT BULLS?

Pit Bulls are my favorite kind of dog. I see one on the street and I have to fight the urge to race over and nuzzle him. I look at a Pit Bull’s photo and I burst into tears at her beauty. But I’d rather see the breed go extinct than for one more to be euthanized in the name of pet overpopulation.

Leslie Smith is neither emotionally nor mentally stable. She is actively advocating for burning down all breeds, all dog ownership because she can’t keep her shit together over a facsimile of one pit bull.

And she knows it won’t work. But that doesn’t matter to her. It makes her feel good to play the role of vengeful God, reigning over all of dogdom, smiting the innocent to make a show for her chosen dogs, pit bulls, who suffer mightily under her dogma even though they are supposedly special to her.

It is their suffering that gives them value to her. And thus she is a monster.

More to come, stay tuned.

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