Meet Bear the Border Collie Puppy

This is Bear, he just turned 12 weeks old, and he’s now ready for the perfect home to spoil him. Update: Found the perfect home for Bear on some acreage in lovely Rocky Ford where he’s already started his training to be a herding trial partner.

Adorable Bear is 12 weeks old.

Adorable Bear is 12 weeks old.

He’s the reason I haven’t had the time or energy to blog about big issues in the dog world.  Having a puppy in the house is amazingly fun, uplifting, and in equal measure exhausting.  He’s everything I love about Border Collies and his parents and siblings, but my goal was to have a female to succeed Celeste into the next generation, and Bear came with boy parts and Mercury is already a proven stud dog, so the hunt is on for someone who will love Bear as much as we do.  Because I’d like to cast the net as wide as possible to find the right home, I will now entertain you (and the search engines) with my lustrous ad copy for my Border Collie puppy for sale in Colorado.

Astraean Border Collies presents Bear: a devilishly handsome, brilliant, and outgoing puppy. He’s Black and White with perfect white socks, a large white shield on his chest and a cute white blaze on his nose and forehead.

Bear is purebred with a documented pedigree of over 5,300 dogs. He has more than 400 Herding Trial, Sport, and Conformation champions behind him.

His parents are truly exceptional. Mother Celeste is a gorgeous and affectionate dog that has been featured in The Bark and DogJoy—The Happiest Dogs in the Universe. His father Dublin is a world class Frisbee dog who qualified for this year’s World Cup Finals with a Top 3 finish. They are both friendly and people oriented dogs with golden temperaments.

Both parents are DNA & PennHIP tested, healthy and vivacious at 7 years old. Their previous litter has proven results: siblings are exceptional ambassadors of the breed on cattle ranches, with professional dog trainers, doing dog sports, therapy work, modeling, hobby herding, and as superb companions.

Bear just turned 12 weeks and is now ready for his new forever home.

We’ve had Border Collies for over 45 years and two generations. We have only occasional litters to replace our own family dogs. All puppies are hand raised in home and expertly socialized. These dogs are family and Bear deserves a home that will treat him like a king. Is that you?

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Christopher Landauer is a fifth generation Colorado native and second generation Border Collie enthusiast. Border Collies have been the Landauer family dogs since the 1960s and Christopher got his first one as a toddler. He began his own modest breeding program with the purchase of Dublin and Celeste in 2006 and currently shares his home with their children Mercury and Gemma as well. His interest in genetics began in AP Chemistry and AP Biology and was honed at Stanford University.