Who Judges the Judges? Vets of Course

The response to three dogs so far (and I have money on the Neapolitan Mastiff failing too during tomorrow’s show) being ousted from Crufts has rippled across the Atlantic and set the dog world abuzz.

The Kennel Club has just released a video conversation between Veterinary Surgeon Nick Blayney and Kennel Club Secretary Caroline Kisko which explains why the KC has made this move and they follow up with an English Bulldog that is being bred to the new standard.  Even though this was the dog that was featured in the Kennel Club’s response video to PDE, this dog was not put up by the judge.


Some highlights:

We felt there was a great deal of need to make sure that people understood that we really do want to see healthier dogs. We want to make sure that conformationally the high profile breeds which is what this is actually about, 15 breeds, are being judged on their health as well as their breed type.

We can’t resolve everything with one foul swoop, but this will certainly help towards it. There are other aspects of dog health that need to be done in differet ways, need to be addressed in different ways, and those are all ongoing aswell. This is part and parcel of the whole health checks and making sure that everything moves forward and becomes more positive.

It is actually in their best interest in the end to prove what so many of them are working towards. They are working towards breeding healthier dogs. We want to be able to prove that to the outside world.

Kevin with Dotty, a champion bulldog. She tipifies what a bulldog should be. No exagerated wringkle, muzzle slightly logner, good open nostrils, she can breathe, clear eyes, no entropion. Well balanced, with more reach of neck. A propper tail. For ethical breeding, this is what we are capable of achieving.

Vets want to see healthy dogs winning shows. This is a bold move by the Kennel Club, but it can make dog showing a very positive influence for good, so we wish it well.

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