Parasite Breeders

Claire, a disabled harlequin Great Dane on the first day of her new life after being rescued from a torture breeder where she suffered for 4 years. She is doing much better now.

Oh Claire,

I’m sorry for all the suffering you’ve experienced in your life.  It’s one thing for me to write about qualzucht, torture breeding, and to think and debate about it in the abstract.  But when theory hits reality, when real dogs with real names and real stories come forth, it’s nearly impossible to remain objective and dispassionate given the true suffering you qualzucht dogs go through.

You have been tortured.  You were genetically tortured by the breeder who created you when they deliberately bred two Harlequin Great Danes together, doubling up on at least two lethal genes (harlequin and merle) and possibly doubling down on other genes known to contribute to deafness and blindness.  It’s likely that more than half the puppies that shared your mother’s womb died before birth from these defects, but you survived.

You were further tortured by this breeder when they neglected to provide any real care for you, letting you suffer from a slew of debilitating conditions.  They allowed parasitic demodectic mange mites to run rampant and cover the majority of your body, they allowed parasitic yeast to invade most of your orifices, and they allowed parasitic worms to invade your heart.  Your hearing, vision, and immune system were trashed by your parasitic breeder leaving you defenseless against further exploitation.

You were tortured again when this breeder used you to produce Great Dane Puppies to sell in the open market and then dumped you in a shelter as soon as the puppies were sold.

Parasites are organisms that invade other life forms and leech sustenance at the expense of their host.  Mange, yeast, and heartworms are all lower life form parasites that prey on higher life forms.  The person who bred you is just a low life who has habitually tortured and exploited you and gave you nothing in return.

Man is the highest life form known to exist, yet the person who tortured you in so many ways is the lowest of the low.

I’m sorry Claire.  I’m sorry we did this to you by not speaking out stronger against horrible breeding practices and condemning parasite breeders.   I’m sorry that we rewarded your parasite breeder by buying your puppies.  I’m sorry that those breeders who consider themselves elite and the highest of the high do the exact same things that have caused you so much pain by breeding harlequin to harlequin, merle to merle.  They are parasites too.

But there are better people out there Claire and I’m glad you’ve finally found some at the Foster to Furever community, the people at Big Dog Rescue, and April Albin who has been fostering you during your recovery.  The last four years of abuse and starvation must have been hell, Claire, but you’ve been given a new life now.

So happy one month rebirthday, Claire, you’re already a new dog and on your way to a better life.

Claire, one month into her recovery. The mange can be treated but her compromised immune system is forever. Food can cure the starvation she suffered. But the deafness and blindness that were caused by her breeder are permanent and not treatable.


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