Name the Oracle

Many dogs are alarmed when the Sheepdog card is drawn. They mistakenly think they have to work for a living. Don't worry dogs, these days job cards are more metaphorical than literal.

Read the following blurb, determine who the critic writer/journalist/filmmaker in question is, and make an educated guess on when the article describing this critic’s efforts was written.

An institution founded to defend the integrity of canine pedigrees has become, a critic contends, unreasonable in its measure of “excellence” and complicit in rewarding close breeding for suspect qualities resulting in breeds that are now unable to perform their historical functions and which suffer from debilitating diseases.

Don’t bother using google, the blurb has been anonymized so you won’t find the article searching for the quote.  Multiple guesses are allowed as long as you pair a critic with a year.

Bonus points if you can name which country and institution is being discussed.

For example:

The blurb describes Christopher Landauer’s article “Border Collie War: AKC vs. ABCA” published 9/10/2007 which critcises both the American Kennel Club and the American Border Collie Association in the USA.

Of course that’s not the right answer, and there are perhaps numerous critics that this could apply to, let’s see how many you can name and I’ll bring you a follow-up article featuring at least one of them I don’t think too many of you know about.


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