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BorderWars is #35 on Technorati's Top 100 Pet Blogs

When Scottie announced that his Retrieverman blog has reached #1 on Technorati, I checked to see where BorderWars was ranked and got a great surprise. Right now we’re ranked #32 with a Pet reputation of 130. I eked into the Top 100 Pet Blogs a few months ago, but this was a very unexpected surprise. This means that BorderWars currently sits above really great and popular blogs:

36. Pet Connection
57. FIDO Friendly
62. Dog Show Poop
75. Dog Spelled Forward
96. BAD RAP Blog

Some really big hitters didn’t make the top 100: Terrierman’s Daily Dose, Pawesome, KC Dog Blog, For the Pitt Bulls, Pawcurious, ManyMuddyPaws, Dogster Dog of the Day, The House of Two Bows, Wayne Pacelle: A Humane Nation, The Poodle (and Dog) Blog, Smartdogs’ Weblog, Lassie Get Help, Raised by Wolves, and more.

This comes on the back of a really successful six months on this blog.  Back in March I set some goals to reach by the end of the year:

150 feedburner subscribers.  The blog hit 155 this week with 34 on the e-mail list.
919 comments.  We just blew past 1313 comments and 93 people commented on Double Merle Breeders Don’t Want You to See This alone.
I added a Like button on posts. 273 people liked Who’s Your Double Merle Daddy.

After more than a year without a statcounter, I installed one last November and the blog now counts 220,000 pageloads and the trend is rising.

BorderWars stats since November 2010.

These are the stats for this week.

This week's blog traffic at BorderWars.

BorderWars has also sustained our place as the #1 Border Collie Blog on Google (out of more than 5 million results).

BorderWars is the #1 Border Collie Blog on Google.

Another new addition to the blog is a custom skin for reading on your Mobile device! No more wasting bandwidth and super tiny fonts on tiny smartphone screens.  Check us out on your mobile device and if you’re still getting the regular template, leave me a comment with your model number and I’ll add it to the list of phones to automatically switch to the low-bandwidth but slick-looking mobile template.

BorderWars' new WPtouch theme for mobile devices.

I really appreciate all of you who read the blog, leave comments, and send e-mails with feedback and tips on stories.  I look forward to your contributions on my future posts.

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