Shoot it in the face!

I am a child of the 80s and have really fond memories of playing the brand new Galaga machine at Azar’s Big Boy restaurant with my dad when I was only a few years old.  It was a running family joke that dad and I both looked just like the Big Boy mascot for the restaurant, so much so that we tried to buy the 10 foot tall fiberglass chub when the restaurant closed.  Corporate swooped in and prevented us from adorning the pool house with a rebranded mascot of our own, but he really would have looked swell in the back yard: a real conversation piece.

Prior to the restaurant closing, the Landauer boys always had the top spot on the game and defended our title religiously after the frequent Denver power outages erased the record of our dominance.  We would breeze through the easy levels in the perfect amount of time for the kitchen to make up my dad’s Double Decker and my grilled cheese and chocolate malt.  Then we’d trade off eating our food and destroying the alien ships with our strategically acquired double space ship of doom.

If you position your ship in just the right place at the beginning of each level and tap the fire button with the right cadence starting at precisely the right moment, you can annihilate most of the enemy ships before they get a chance to strafe you on their bombing runs.  The ships looked like mutated crustaceans with ominous faces to me, so when it was my dad’s turn to play I’d shout out “shoot it in the face!” between filling my own face with french fries and melting shakes.

When I came across this image in my inbox from the AKC’s “Weekly Winners” e-mail I had a rush of nostalgia and the desire to shoot it in the face.

GCh Ta Sen Bond James Bond

It took me a moment to realize why, but then it hit me.

The dog is an evil alien space ship. Shoot it in the face!

It’s a rather uncanny similarity, no? Maybe if I just push this button here…..


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