Gone But Still Smiling

The people at The Bark have once again honored us by using one of my photos for their publication.

This time it’s Bonnie Belle giving me the raspberries.

Even in her old age, she enjoyed taking long walks, and we took this one through the snowy trails behind a private school near my house.

Bonnie was a silly little girl well past ten years old and her need for affection didn’t slow down even when she did.

She was a master at using a cold wet nose in the ribs or underarm to get you to pet her and she’d take turns getting attention from everyone in a room, repeating her rounds in order.

From an early age she took it upon herself to be the guardian of the yard, and over the years she made a well worn path around the perimeter along the fence and behind the large hedge bordering one side of the property. She’d often flush a rabbit, precipitating a feverish chase, but she never did catch one.

Although they are unrelated genetically, there are many character similarities between Bonnie and my two current girls. Gemma shares her need for affection and addiction to pets. She’s also a silly girl whom I expect will never really grow up.  Celeste shares Bonnie’s dutiful protection of the property. She not only follows the same route around the yard, learned from Bonnie in her final months, but she also monitors the trees for errant squirrels and has even caught a few of those pesky rabbits.

It’s been three years since Bonnie left us, but she still makes me smile.

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