And Puppy Dog Tails

The best part about having a dog at stud is ample access to puppies with none of the hard work of being a breeder: no baths, no mopping, no puppy pads, no shots.  Weekly visits ensure an ample allotment of puppy breath, paws as big as your pinky nail, eyes that just might stay blue, and the cutest things you’ve ever seen poop.  I swear they look like little cannon balls, or those ACME bombs with the big fuses when they poop, so cute.

The chocolate female demanded the most screen time yesterday, so here’s a longer clip of her refining her acting chops.


Although you can’t tell from the above video, she’s actually quite the femme fatale.  She’s a bit shy at first, and by shy I mean that she’ll run up to within 6 inches of you, tail wagging and wriggling like a fish on a line and then stop as if there’s an invisible barrier preventing her from going any farther.  Then a few minutes later she’ll be sleeping in your lap.  After lulling you into a false sense of complacency, she’ll nuzzle her way up your neck until she can suckle your year.  Then, when she has you right where she wants you, it’s CHOMP!

I nearly died a few weeks back when she did this to my father. He was cooing about all the attention he was getting and then out of the blue he was screaming “Get her off of me!”  A 300 pound man felled by a puppy that’d barely register on the scale at the supermarket.  Just hilarious.  Now that she’s tasted human blood, we’re pretty sure she’s going to be a man-eating beast. You can see just how much she respects her mother:


This next one is Zappa, and I’m predicting right now that this dog is going to be famous.  Since daddy is a cover model for the biggest name in dog publishing and mommy is a spokes-model for the biggest name in dog toys, it’s in his blood.  He’s also one of four puppies from this litter who are going to live with professional dog trainers, so we’ve got nurture covered as well.  This dog oozes charisma and the camera just loves him.  He already has the “pose and move” down pat.


This one is the chocolate boy, who is devastatingly handsome just like his father.  Whereas the lilac female looks just like her mother, this one looks the most like Mercury.  He’s also going to be famous as his new home is with a trainer out in Utah who is planning on using him as her demonstration partner.

The chocolate boy also carries the trademark naughty spot on his nose, passed down from Mercury, from Celeste, from Cowboy.  Quite dashing, no?

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