A Pup-e-Mill

If you want to see what a “Pup-e-Mill” looks like, here’s a great example of one that has just been exposed in Montana.

First, let’s look at the breeder’s website:

Well, someone has spent some time with photoshop and made a nice logo. And it has a quaint name with rural charm and a photo to match. The grammar is poor, and perhaps that’s our first tip, and the page is hosted at www.pets4you.com, another clue.

Turns out that this breeder has puppies available right now! Possibly another clue given the time of year. While you can’t force a bitch into heat to deliver puppies just for Christmas, I wouldn’t be surprised if a high volume operation made sure not to miss an opportunity to have a litter on the ground for the Christmas puppy rush.

Incoming traffic to this blog with the search “Christmas puppy” has skyrocketed this month, and I don’t think they’re coming looking for an ear full of philosophy. This time of year is probably the bread and butter period of easy sales for a high volume breeder.

What we learn from her available puppies is that she has two litters on the ground at the same time (the ages are 10 weeks and 12 weeks) and that all of the puppies are a little old to still be on the market. The sweet spot is 8 weeks, after all, and keeping a puppy at the breeder after that isn’t really beneficial to anyone. It’s also suspicious that it says “Registered/Registrable AKC” given that the AKC does not recognize the English Shepherd breed.

So what does the Google oracle tell us about this breeder?
She deceived other breeders to acquire her breeding stock. Hints at past problems with a local humane society.
She also breeds Pugs and stole someone’s deposit on two dogs.
She estimates her yearly sales in dogs to be $35,000.
– Her property is in such decay the local government passed an ordinance just to step in and clean it up. She sued for due process violations and won.

All of this information is easily available on the internet and has been for several years. It’s a wonder this breeder is still in business. But it just gets worse.

The department and Kapsa have a history going back to 1993, when Kapsa was ticketed for cruelty to animals, Bell said. Officers removed 120 dogs from the property at that time, and 20 dogs were returned, he said.

“Since 1993, our animal-control division has had numerous contacts with Miss Kapsa,” Bell said. Kapsa has been ticketed for rabies violations, dogs at large and other misdemeanor animal violations, he said.

Last week, the police served a search and seizure warrant on the sole address of this breeder which was brought about by complaints from a potential puppy buyer. Upon the search, the authorities removed 10 dead English Shepherd dogs, 3 dead Pugs, and several sick and injured dogs that needed immediate medical attention.

They left behind 270 to 300 dogs, plus some goats, horses, and cockatiels.

And of course, the breeder’s first thoughts are not about the cesspool she and her disturbingly large circus of animals wallow in, it’s in exacting some revenge on the government for daring to step in and rain on her abuse parade.

Linda Kapsa isn’t sure why Yellowstone County Sheriff’s deputies seized 12 of her dogs and cats Thursday afternoon.

But she knows one thing.

“Yellowstone is in for one hell of a lawsuit again,” she said Friday.

Video, and a Gallery of the search show just how bad things have gotten on the trailer home and trash filled compound. This isn’t how you raise dogs, save a rare breed, or share your life with animals. There’s clearly a mental disorder at work here and sadly hundreds of dogs and other animals have to suffer for it.

Hat tip to Smartdogs.

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