A Dog of Virtue

The dog is honest, fair, and tells the truth. The dog does what is right and not what is wrong. The dog embodies justice and equity.
Homestead of Ole I. Gjevre and family, Cavalier County, Dakota Territory 1898.

The dog is courageous and bold. He confronts pain without fear and uncertainty with fortitude.
“Shep” a collie dog which chewed off his front legs when caught in a trap, walking upright with John Rattigan, Omaha, Nebraska 1930.

The dog is kind, charitable, and compassionate. He is a sympathetic friend without prejudice.
Old Negro and His Dog. He is a tenant farmer living in Wagoner County, Oklahoma.
by Russell Lee, June 1939

The dog is generous. He is willing to give and noble in thought and action.
Farmer and his dog. Yakima County, Washington
by Russell Lee, September 1942

The dog is diligent. He is zealous, careful, and decisive in his work.
Birt Johnson’s Sheep Farm – Kearny, Nebraska
by Solomon Butcher 1903

The dog practices self control. He is mindful of others and of his surroundings.

Andrew Gustafson Homestead, Dakota Territory 1897

The dog is patient. He shows endurance through moderation, is merciful and forgives.
“Collie’s Special Delivery” National Biscuit Company Advertisement 1916

The dog is brave and modest. He is selfless and gives respect generously.
Shepherd and his dog. Gravelly Range, Madison County, Montana.
by Russell Lee, August 1942

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