Anarchists of Puppy-dom

Sunny Eats Mom's Shoe

Raising a Border Collie puppy is a true joy, or perhaps a true terror, depending on your perspective. Chuck Terzella of Unconfirmed Sources falls into the later camp:

I know, I know, the first thing people think when they see a little puppy, Border Collies included, romping and playing is, “Oh, how adorable!” Right. That’s just what they want you to think. It’s all part of their nefarious plot. You see, Border Collies are the anarchists of Puppy-dom, dedicated to the total destruction of all you hold dear… antique furniture, sleep, shoes, Persian carpets, you name it. Their weapons are varied and unexpected. Of course there are teeth and claws, the usual implements of destruction. Add to that IED’s (Improvised Excretory Devices) and biological urine based sneak attacks that make body armor such as shoes an absolute necessity at all times. You can never, ever let your guard down.

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