Adopt A PeTA Pet = Kill 248 More

Update: Now that PeTA’s 2006 records have been released, we can see that for every dog you adopt from PeTA, they kill 248 more, not just 9 more. And they do so at a cost of over $2.5 Million per dog saved, or about $10,000 for each dog they see.

For every pet you adopt from PeTA, PeTA kills 9 more. If you rescued a dog from a PeTA supported shelter, you have supported the needless killing of 9 other animals. That blood is on your hands. If you support PeTA, you are a killer x 9. Pat yourself on the back with your bloody hands for killing so many animals.

PeTA’s Death Toll:See The Proof

PeTA cashes over $30,000,000 (that’s thirty million dollars) worth of your checks each year, just so it can kill 9 out of 10 animals it gets its hands on. PeTA doesn’t want you to kill FARM animals for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner, but they kill PET animals at breakfast, lunch, and dinner time EVERY DAY.

PeTA hates the No-Kill movement
. According to PeTA:

One of the most popular “no-kill” shelters in the United States spent approximately $9 million last year just to house approximately 1,500 animals, mostly dogs and cats. That $9 million could have sterilized as many as 200,000 dogs and cats, preventing hundreds of thousands of unwanted births.

Funny, PeTA’s budget is over $30,000,000 per year and they saved only 146 pets in 2005, yet they complain about some unnamed supposedly no-kill shelter spending only $9 to house 1,500 animals?

PeTA: $30,000,000 – 146 saved – 1,946 killed – 0 housed
Supposed No-Kill Group: $9,000,000 – untoled saved – 0 killed – 1,500 housed

Gosh, assuming that the supposed no-kill shelter re-homed just one pet per day, they would have saved twice as many as PeTA, killed 2,000 less, and kept 1,500 more alive for less than 1/4th the cost.

PeTA’s big pet movement is supposedly their spay/neuter initiative, yet they have only one (1) mobile sterilization truck: the SNIP-mobile for “Spay and Neuter Immediately Please.”

Our current SNIP mobile clinic operates seven days a week and travels hundreds of miles each month, but it still can’t reach all the animals who need its services. The cost of purchasing and operating a mobile clinic for one year is $450,000. With your help, we could set up a second mobile clinic and start saving thousands of additional animals each year.

SNIP has sterilized more than 25,000 animals at reduced or no cost to their guardians in the last four years alone, and paying veterinarians to spay and neuter even more animals in various communities.

They are asking for more money to fund a second grossly expensive mobile de-sexing van when they take in enough money to buy a new truck every 5.5 days. They make enough money to fund 66.6 (hrm, seems like a sign to me) mobile testicle-tearing uterus-extracting vans EVERY YEAR, yet they have only ONE trying to serve the entire country, and they want MORE MONEY?

So PeTA neuters just over 16 animals a day in their blinged out van, while they kill over 6 perfectly healthy pet animals back at their headquarters… and they make $82,200 per day doing so. So even if their unsourced statement about an unnamed No-Kill shelter is true, they their math is all wrong. They spend much more money to save many fewer animals and kill kill kill kill kill.

They claim that buying a puppy from a breeder kills a shelter dog, but the only one doing the killing here is PeTA. And they don’t kill just one shelter dog for every puppy you buy, they kill NINE for every dog you “rescue” from them.

And the cost of that dog isn’t $400 or $500 from a breeder. It’s $205,500.00 … that’s what it costs PeTA to save one dog or cat.

Talk about GREEDY. Talk about INSANE. Talk about KILLERS.

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