Where Are They Now? Pt.1

Using the great uber-brain of google (and it can be oh so wrong some times), I managed to track down many of the people (or their google doppelgangers) who signed the AKC: Hands Off the Border Collie! petition that is featured in Donald McCaig’s book, The Dog Wars.

Although McCaig uses the petition to demonstrate the general consensus against AKC recognition back in 1994, the current political affiliation of many of the people on the list is an interesting story that is not detailed in McCaig’s book.

There are significant defections in both directions: former AKC superstars are now novice sheep handlers and others who were vehemently opposed to AKC recognition because of the ills of conformation now have a resume of Border Collies with show titles.

Arthur Allen, President, North American Sheepdog Society

Arthur N. Allen, 92, of McLeansboro, died at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, October 24th, 1996, at Deaconess Hospital in Evansville, Indiana.

Mr. Allen was born May 4, 1904 in Hamilton County, a son of John Logan and Martha Gertrude (Nation) Allen. He was married twice, to Mary O’Neal, now deceased, and to Sarah Evelyn Reed, who survives. He was a retired farmer and livestock operator. He trained border collie sheep dogs and performed exhibitions all over the United States and Canada and was a 25 year National Champion sheep dog handler. Mr. Allen also appeared with several western movie stars during his career. He also starred and appeared in several Walt Disney movies and TV productions. He was a member of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. He was a member of the New Hope Primitive Baptist Church.

One of the lesser known Arthur Allen roles was shot for the Mickey Mouse Club series:

Four episode dramatic series set in Illinois. Bobby Evans played Rob Brown, who tries to train a border collie to be a sheep dog for a contest. He succeeds with the help of an old trainer, played by Arthur N. Allen. The narrator was Alvy Moore, and the working title of the series was The Scamp.

Sharon Anderson
, Trainer, OTCH

Sharon Anderson is now the Director of Agility for the AKC.

Sharon Anderson has been involved in American Kennel Club activities since 1972 when she began showing German Shepherds in conformation and obedience. She earned her first agility title on a Golden Retriever in 1988 and founded one of the largest agility clubs in existence today. Sharon has served as captain of the American Kennel Club World Agility Team since 1996. The teams have earned gold and silver medals in past events including defeating 30 countries in Portugal in 2001.

In addition to her extensive experience with agility, Sharon holds many obedience titles including the top honor of Obedience Trial Champion. Sharon’s extensive experience covers many aspects of obedience, ranging from puppy class to competitive obedience, agility, and flyball. She has also been involved in tracking and fieldwork.

Complementary to her hands-on role within the sport, Sharon has held offices in clubs ranging from President to Trial Chairperson. She was on the first advisory board for AKC Agility in 1993. Before becoming the Director of Agility, Sharon was an agility consultant and Field Representative for the AKC. Sharon has worked frequently on radio call-in programs ( public radio and national broadcast stations) answering various questions relating to dogs and Sharon has appeared on several television shows including The Caroline Rhea Show.

Through the years, Sharon has honed her skills by working with virtually every breed of purebred dog while owning three large obedience training schools. She currently lives in Minnesota with her Shetland Sheepdog, Border Collie and Parson Russell Terrier.

Chris Bach, Numerous Gaines Placements
Former Director USBCC.

Chris gives training and behavior seminars across the United States and Canada. Chris is a charter board member of the very prestigious International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. She was asked to join the distinguished American Humane Association committee, which brought together top U.S. trainers to build a code of ethics and guidelines for logical and humane dog training. She wrote a series of articles for a renowned dog training magazine Front and Finish, and she continues to author manuscripts about THE THIRD WAY.

Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, is home to Chris, her wonderful and supportive husband, Bill, and their precious pooches Belgian Malinois, Brass, and Border Collie, Stunner.

Her Border Collie Stunner’s full name and AKC registration is:
Top Gun Stungunned My Heart DN11659306 M 08/02/2005

out of: Top Gun Kit (DN04996301 / ABCA 186234) X Lukan’s Don’t Stop Me Now CDX MX MXJ (DL81104201 / N66767)
Neither parent is involved with conformation. Stunner was bred by Les & Diane Sanders who run Contact Sports Agility which promotes USDAA sanctioned agility trials. Unlike McCaig’s claim that no one wants to compete with the AKC in Agility, the USDAA does a pretty good job of it.

Bonnie Barry, 2 OTCH, Gaines & World Series Placements
Former Director USBCC.

Mrs. Barry, 64, died Sunday, Feb. 26, 2006 as a result of an injury she received at a sheep-herding clinic Jan. 28 in North Carolina. While it appeared that she took a minor fall, eventually she was diagnosed as having a spinal-cord fracture. She died after almost a month in Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, a time during which she was able to see and say goodbye to friends and family.” In the end, there was a final lesson: how to die with grace.”

Bonnie was a Director of the USBCC for several years and competed at the Open Level in sheep trials. Only weeks before her accident, Bonnie helped run the Lazy J Classic Sheep herding Trial that was held in Carnesville, Georgia. She sponsored the Fox Valley Dog Training Club’s yearly Founders Award to in memory of the founders of the club. It was given to the handler whose dog earned the 3 highest scores in regular classes at AKC Obedience trials. The Red Creek Farm Sheep Trial awards The Bonnie Barry Memorial Award to the handler with the highest score in the Open division.

She became involved in dog obedience with the Doberman breed, gaining her first advanced titles with a dog named Libby. In 1984 she opened Northern Illinois Canine Education and also served as director of training with the Northwest Obedience Club.Her work with border collies gained her the Obedience Trial Championship four times. Her dogs were nationally ranked for more than a decade, and Mrs. Barry became one of the stars of the sport and a regular competitor at the prestigious annual Gaines Tournaments.

Robert Barlow, President, American Border Collie Association

Robert is credited as one of the few names on the short list of “ol timers” who have been active in the trialing community since the 1960s. The weight of his experience hasn’t slowed him down any, as Robert is currently running two dogs in Open Trials, Mai and Todd.

Robert occasionally offers pups for sale through his Barlow’s Border Collies in Tennessee, the most recent litter was on the ground this spring.

Although it might just be a coincidence, the chivalrous foil and almost-love-interest to the female protagonist in McCaig’s Nop’s Hope just happens to be named Ransome Barlow.

Bill Berhow, Winner, National Sheepdog Trial Finals 1989 and 1990

Bill still competes in USBCHA Open trials and gives herding and trialing clinics around the country. He’s the only handler to have two dogs in the ABCA’s Hall of Fame (1998 Nick ABC 1778, and 2000 Jen ABC 5728). He currently has two dogs ranked in the Open Trial division, Mike and Pete.

George Bernard, Vice President American Boarding Kennel Association & CKO

Became President of the ABKA and President of the Federal Trade Association for Kennels. His current Border Collie registry affiliation is unknown.

Winnie Bigelow, OTCH, Numerous Honors

The only thing google knows is that a donation “In Memory of Winnie Bigelow” was made to the International Wolf Center in 2002.

Ethel Conrad, President United States Border Collie Club

Ethel has graduated from President to Chairman Emeritus of the USBCC.

Ethel Conrad got her first Border Collie in the 1960s, and began participating in AKC obedience and tracking trials in the early 1970s. At that time there were only two or three Border Collies competing on the east coast, and judges would ask her what kind of dog she had. She got a UDT, CDXTD (dog was injured before she could get a third utility leg) and two CDTD’s. (There was no OTCH then.) She then got very interested in herding and for nearly 20 years she has been a frequent competitor and winner in sheep dog trials. She has qualified six dogs to run in the UBCHA finals, several more than once. She was one of the founders of the USBCC in 1975, and its first co-president. Since 1976 she has put on 36 sheep dog handlers training clinics, five judges’ clinics, and 13 major sheep dog trials at her home, Sunnybrook Farm. She regularly performs herding demonstrations, including one on the David Letterman Show and one on the Mall in Washington for the Department of Agriculture.

Gail Dapogny, Two World Series Wins

Gail Dapogny is now a Director of the USBCC

Gail Dapogny is a potter in Michigan. She is currently Secretary of the Michigan Border Collie Association, and has been active in USBCC since 1977, having served as Newsletter Editor for 13 years before becoming a Director. She got her first Border Collie, Moss, in 1975, and put a UD on him with several HITs. Her second Border Collie, OTCH Nell, was for a couple of years the second-ranked obedience BC in the country. She had a couple dozen all-breed AKC HITs, had several Gaines Regional and Classic tournament placings, and won the World Series Tournament, Open Division, two different years. Gail now teaches obedience, and is training her current four BCs in obedience and herding.

Janice DeMello, 3 OTCH, Gaines Wins

Janice DeMello made her name in AKC Obedience. She is a first class trainer and competitor. She has published training videos like, “Around the Clock Method of Scent Discrimination” and “Cruise Control for Power Heeling,” which are holy canon for competitors in Obedience and Freestyle, based on the experience she gained training her own dogs to numerous championships and competition firsts. Her success has become a brand and Janice graduated from competitor to trainer to big time breeder. Not only is Janice expanding her horizons into herding, dogs she has bred are topping the charts in USBCHA sponsored trials, even qualifying for the National Finals.

Eric Engberg, News Correspondent

Eric retired in 2002. He wrote an OpEd that argued blogging is “typing, not journalism.” Mind you, he published that article AFTER his “journalism” alma mater ran with a bogus story about a bogus memo leading to the disgrace of Dan Rather, exposed by the blogosphere. Self proclaimed dinosaur. Is one of the examples of a liberal biased reporter in the book, Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News. I don’t think he ever owned a Border Collie.

Bruce Fogt, Winner National Sheepdog Trial Finals 1987

Bruce and his wife Linda still run more than a handful of dogs at the Open level in USBCHA sanctioned trials and are the publishers of The Working Border Collie magazine.

Jerusha Gurvin, 2 OTCH, Numerous Honors

Jerusha continued to excel on the AKC competition circuit after recognition: MACH One Night Stand UD NAP NJP DL72563301. One Night Stand was born 9/1997 after the split, and has an impressive list of Agility and Obedience accomplishments. Her other MACH dog is Oakdale Deacon UD DL81104901 and he was born in 1999. Jerusha also runs Capital Leashes, a custom leash and collar boutique in Maryland.

Margie Gibbs, Trainer

Marge Gibbs is a dog behavior columnist at the AKC Gazette and has been since the 1970s. Wrote, “Leader Dogs for the Blind” which is still available from the Working Dogs Book Store and Amazon. Ironically, she also owned a blind Border Collie whom she was the seeing eye person for.

In response to the question, “Which animal would make a better editor—a cat or a dog?” Gibbs doesn’t seem to think that the Border Collie has lost all that much steam since AKC recognition:

I don’t think I’d hire a cat—it would certainly be a finicky perfectionist, but it would never agree to stick to the house style rules, or work to anyone else’s deadline.

If I hired a dog, it would depend on the breed. A sheltie or German shepherd would be methodical, thorough, and prompt. A golden retriever would be good for a first-time author, offering encouragement, patience, and a sympathetic ear, as well as doing an intelligent job.

A border collie would speed-read the text, give it a withering look of scorn, and rewrite the book itself. The dog’s version would be better than the original, and wouldn’t need an editor.

Sally Glei, OTCH, Gaines Placements

Board member of the Piedmont Border Collie Association. The PBCA runs AKC Agility and Herding Trials. Sally teaches a course called “Dog Training with a Personal Touch in a Positive Way.” She also breeds border collies under the Tystar name and a google search will reveal that many of them have multiple titles before and after their names, including a conformation champion here and there. (e.g. OTCH MACH Tystar Meg UDX6 VCN2 HSAs, OTCH Tystar’s Third Edition HSAs HSBs AX AXJ, Ch OTCH Tystar Riot UDX TD AX)

She also happens to be running two of her dogs this year in USBCHA Sheep dog trials, most recently the trial at Seclusival Farm where she came in third in ProNovice 2 and fourth in Novice 2 with her other dog.

Bob Griner, #1 Obedience Border Collie in U.S.

Mr. Griner is a United Kennel Club Obedience Judge. He teaches the United Kennel Club Obedience Regulations Seminar.

Kay and Dick Guetzloff, Kennel Ration Dog of the Year, Gaines Winner

Although McCaig and the other BC crusaders used a letter of protest from Mrs. Guetzloff to convince the AKC to leave the Border Collie alone, it wasn’t long before the AKC welcomed Kay and her dog into their fold:

The handout [for the AKC board] contained… a protest from Kay Guetzloff whose obedience Border Collie Sweep was the highest ranking AKC obedience dog in history…
– The Border Wars p107

What McCaig forgot to tell you was:

In 2001 Heelalong was greatly honored when Sweep was inducted into the AKC Dog Museum “Hall of Fame” which is located in St. Louis, Mo. The Hall of fame is located in the lower level of museum. This museum is well worth a visit since it documents the history of the AKC and also honors dogs in other categories, like “media” dogs and search and rescue groups. The AKC started the Hall of Fame in the ‘70’s and had periodically inducted dogs every 5 or so years. Sweep is the first border collie to grace those hallowed walls. Along with this honor we received a commemorative bronze trophy depicting several breeds involved in different events.

Despite their protest being a key piece of the package of evidence delivered to the AKC by McCaig and company, it only took a gigantic bronze trophy, a painted mural in their dog’s likeness, and a glowing write up taking up space in prime New York real estate to bring the Guetzloff’s around. I wish the AKC was still as charitable to win BC owners’ favor.

As you might expect, the Guetzloffs bred many a BC and some of their dogs have gone on to win conformation champtionships, like Ch. OTCH, MACH-2 Heelalong Hi Flying Red Kite UDX, HSAs. Despite adding conformation to their bag of tricks, the Guetzloff’s explain their philosophy:

In 1980 we imported our first border collies from the British Isles. In that era the border collie was only eligible to compete in AKC obedience trials – dog agility had not been discovered, and the AKC did not offer herding titles. How times have changed! We, at Heelalong, feel great dedication to the border collie breed, and through the links on this page you will meet many of the fine dogs we have owned, bred or trained.

The most famous dog we bred is VX OTCH Heelalong Chimney Sweep UDX, AX, AXJ, ROMX, to whom our home page is dedicated. Although Sweep, herself, only whelped two litters of puppies (with Rock as the sire), in 2003 she lead the ROMX list proving that she was not only the top winning obedience border collie of all time, but she was also a top producer of performance dogs.

In 2002, the AKC honored Sweep by inducting her into the Dog Museum, Hall of Fame, the first border collie to be so honored. When the border collie became an AKC recognized breed in 1995, we were convinced that the breed would change substantially, and it has.

Many breeders are breeding for looks only, and the ROM statistics bear this out. Many of the leaders of the ROM list have mostly produced breed champions, with few puppies with titles at both ends.

At Heelalong™ we still breed border collies that look as they did before AKC recognition. The dogs we have bred, that are on the ROMX and ROM lists, are there mainly because of performance titles earned by their puppies, although some of these same dogs went on to earn breed championships, in addition to their performance titles.

Barbara Handler, OTCH, Obedience Judge

Barbara Handler was a force in the AKC Obedience world before and after the split. She published numerous articles on how to train and polish an Obedience dog (Say NO to “NO,” STAY as Sweet as You Are, Words Words Words, etc.), and several books and videos that have become cannon:
Best Foot Forward: The Complete Guide to Obedience Handling – 1984
Positively Obedient: Good Manners for the Family Dog – 1987
Successful Obedience Handling: The New Best Foot Forward – 1991
Successful Obedience Handling – 2000

Vicki Hearne, Trainer. Author of Adam’s Task

Vicki Hearne’s much too early death has left the dog world with a void that may never be filled. Vicki was an author, writer, poet, trainer, and defender of dogs everywhere, and sadly lost her battle with cancer this year at the age of 54.

Dog lovers know Vicki mainly from her books “Bandit: Dossier of a Dangerous Dog” and “Adams Task: Calling Animals By Name,” which are classics – but she has done so much more than we can ever imagine. A powerful writer Vicki had the ability to put her finger on the pulse of dogs and their relationship with people and to write and explain about it in a way which not only made fascinating reading but imparted a message to the heart. She made you think, she created understanding and more than that you fell in love with this lady without ever having to meet her. Vicki was a communications genius both with people and dogs.

The dog world owes a tremendous debt to Vicki Hearne. The International Association of Canine Professionals is Proud to honor Vicki Hearne as our second inductee into the IACP Hall of Fame.

Of note, Donald McCaig wrote the introduction to Adam’s Task.

Debbie Hotze, 2 OTCH, Gaines and World Series Placements

Debbie has put many titles on many dogs from numerous breeds. Her Border Collie resume is impressive: OTCH Jiff TDX, DOG WORLD, HIT 200 Score; U-UD OTCH Quickly TD Can. CDX, DOG WORLD, HIT; CH OTCH Silver UD, DOG WORLD, HIT; Roxie UDT, DOG WORLD, HIT; Bing TD at 7 mo.; Midgeon TD; Streak TD; and Skip TD.

She has also put conformation championships on Border Collies as well: CH Silver, CH Kit, CH Pearle, and CH Zeke.

From the looks of her Brighteye Kennels website, it seems her current taste in dogs has shifted to the larger breeds and away from the Dobermans, Border Collies, and Papillons of her past.

She now breeds and trains Bernese Mountain Dogs and Leonbergers. Her Bernese Mountain Dogs are all over the AKC agility advertising and in numerous other commercial venues like Purina, Sears, and People Magazine ads.

Pat Kaiser, 1st Border Collie OTCH in US, Gaines Winner

According to her posts on the BC Boards in 2004, Pat has 25 acres, 12 sheep, and is a “novice handler” learning the ropes of training her “wild Rob dog” to work sheep. I glean from the messages that she got Rob out of a popular working line and at first the Rob was “too much dog” for her. Her e-mails use “herdsheep” and “wovenwool” as the names, so it appears she’s adopted the herding lifestyle with gusto.

One site also lists Pat as the contact for the “Hoosier Dream Dog Training School” in Indiana, but they don’t have a website or show up on any other pages. Perhaps she sold the business to buy the farm.

It’s worth noting that Pat’s star Obedience dog, OTCH Scherry Star Spider, ROMF TD AIBC 22290/AKC-ILP 012059, was the sire of Kay and Dick Guetzloff’s Sweep, the Border Collie that was inducted into the AKC’s hall of fame for earning 7,981 OTCH points, making her the most winning obedience bitch of all time for lifetime points.

Star Spider was quite the stud dog and has been honored by the Border Collie Society of America (AKC BC Parent Group) for his contribution to the American Obedience and Agility lines:

OFFSPRING of: OTCH Scherry Star Spider ROMF ILP 012059

1. Breeding – Countryside’s Rona AIBC 36950
1. OTCH Brighteye Magic Merlin
2. Brighteye Spider’s Streak TD
3. Meadowstar Kern
4. Scot’s Pride Bracken UD
5. Scot’s Pride Spider Dan UD

2. Breeding – Heelalong Merrie Meg AIBC 35790 CDX
1. Heelalong Lucky Strike UD

3. Breeding – OTCH Shaffner’s Bonnie Lass (ND)
1. Highland’s Spider’s Sting CD

4. Breeding – Molly AIBC 43509
1. Rob AIBC 69829

5. Breeding – Wildfire Anne AIBC 51923
1. Spider’s Boomerang CD
2. Spider’s Kelly of Birdeye UDX NA
3. Spiders Toby
4. Wildfire Spiders Brice
5. Wildfire Spiders Fletcher
6. Wildfire Spiders Ginger
7. Wildfire Spiders Ramcharger
8. Wildfire Spiders Red
9. Wildfire Spiders Socrates AIBC 61628 CD
10. Wildfire Spiders Squeak CD
11. Wildfire Spiders Strike It Rich CD

6. Breeding – Carolina Magic AIBC 39713 UD ROMF
1. OTCH Starfire’s Jugs Johnson
2. Starfire’s Magic Jamie CDX
3. Starfire’s Piece of the Action CD
4. Starfire’s Star UD
5. OTCH Starfire’s Wizard AIBC 58715

7. Breeding 1/27/1985 – Heelalong Merrie Meg AIBC 35790 CDX
1. Heelalong Auburn Blaze AIBC 58845
2. OTCH Heelalong Pippin UDX TD ROM DL581156/01

8. Breeding 8/24/1985 – Heelalong Merrie Meg AIBC 35790 CDX
1. OTCH Heelalong Chimney Sweep UDX AX AXJ ROMX ILP 61861
2. OTCH Heelalong De-Cider UDX TD DL602984/01

9. Breeding 3/26/1986 – OTCH Heelalong Sand Pebble (ND) AIBC 52639
1. Heelalong Austin City Limits UD OA ILP 63134
2. Heelalong Gemini CD
3. OTCH Heelalong Sharp As A Tack UDX ILP 64488
4. Heelalong Slate ILP 64493

… and that’s only half of the list of signatories to the AKC petition. Check back for Part 2.

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