Mike Rowe Sells KatKrap

I hate cats. I hate QVC. I quite enjoy Mike Rowe. Here he is in his first really dirty job: trying to sell a plastic crinkle bag with a cat on it for $24.95 on QVC.

Most entrepreneurs, inventors, designers, and marketers would KILL for a 3 minute spot on QVC especially for an item that is selling for $25 and couldn’t cost 5 cents to make. Knowing that, just imagine the series of really stupid decisions that needed to happen for THIS product to make the cut.

Someone had to:

  • think it up
  • create prototypes
  • decide it was a product that American cat owners needed to buy
  • redevelop it for manufacture
  • market it to retailers and professional product agents
  • get a pitch meeting with QVC
  • convince buyers at QVC to buy a batch of this crap
  • decide it deserved a whopping 3 minutes on air
  • video tape a cat supposedly enjoying it since they are unable to actually demonstrate this stupid thing in the studio live
  • notice that the cat doesn’t play with it at all or seem to enjoy its crinkle in any way
  • try and save the video by lacing a treat with catnip to entice the cat to stay put and tolerate the stupid invention long enough to get film
  • decide that 3 seconds in the katsack and 15 seconds escaping from the bag and licking the catnip outside of the bag is good enough video to entice people to buy the stupid bag

I hope the humane society revoked this inventor-owner’s cat privileges like they did with Ellen DeGeneres. Anyone who was so successful at being so stupid shouldn’t own animals. :cP

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