Don’t Shoot the Dog

That’s what happens when you shoot an innocent dog in the head with a blade tipped hunting arrow.

Amazingly, the arrow missed all the vital nerves, the brain, and the meat of the eye meaning that “Lucky Jack” the dog can make a full and complete recovery if the remainder (read: barbed and bladed arrow head) of the arrow can be removed during surgery.

The arrow is currently impairing Lucky Jack’s ability to open and close his mouth and is dangerously close to the eye where it still has the possibility of doing permanent damage if left untreated.

There is a Lucky Jack Surgery fund that is raising money for his treatment. The cost of treatment at the specialty Vet center at LSU is $5,000.

I just gave $(my lucky number) to the surgery fund because it is worth at least that much to me to see this happy and resilient dog get well enough to grow old and fat and loved. Consider donating your lucky number, you just might get it back in good karma. Just look at him in this video and see if you don’t agree that this dog deserves to be made whole:

Video of the (mostly) healthy Luck Jack

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